Buying a Home


5 Ways to Pay Off Your Home Faster

 •  March 22

Do you want to pay off the mortgage on your home faster?  Are you at the beginning of a thirty-year mortgage or getting closer to the end?  Do you...

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Top 10 Real Estate Terms Defined

 •  March 16

When your real estate agent mentions a CMA, the MLS or HOAs, are you always certain what those terms mean? Every industry uses acronyms and jargon,...

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Coldwell Banker Burnet Pillow Fight Open House Weekend

 •  March 6

Coldwell Banker Burnet is collecting pillows to deliver to Bridging, our Foundation partner. Bridging improves the lives of those transitioning out...

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5 Reasons Being a Homeowner Rocks

 •  February 17

We became homeowners of an almost 100 year old home two years ago in December. Yes, we bought during the winter. And yes, it was a great decision. At...

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5 Reasons to Start Your Home Search Now

 •  December 29

Is a new home on your New Year’s resolution list? You don’t need to wait until the spring to begin your search. Here are five reasons why beginning...

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Buying a Home: The Importance of Being Earnest

 •  December 1

You’ve found a home you really like and you’re going to make an offer. Your offer will need to include a deposit called “earnest...

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Finding The Right Real Estate Professional

 •  December 1

Finding the right real estate professional is a big deal. Okay, it’s a REALLY big deal. Why you might ask? Well, he or she will serve as the...

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Understanding the Appraisal

 •  November 18

You are buying a new house!  It’s very exciting when you find your dream home and your offer is accepted. If you are like most people purchasing...

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The Final Walk-Through Checklist

 •  November 16

You’ve found your dream home (with the help of an agent, of course), negotiated an offer the seller couldn’t refuse, gotten the inspection over...

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New Homeowner Tips: For Before and After You Buy

 •  November 11

Homeownership has been such a journey! It’s easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I’ve learned so much so far and there...

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