Buying a Home


The Final Walk-Through Checklist

 •  November 16

You’ve found your dream home (with the help of an agent, of course), negotiated an offer the seller couldn’t refuse, gotten the inspection over...

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New Homeowner Tips: For Before and After You Buy

 •  November 11

Homeownership has been such a journey! It’s easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I’ve learned so much so far and there...

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6 Tips for Moving in the Fall

 •  October 14

Moving is rarely ever fun no matter what time of year you are doing it. With fall upon us, here are ten tips that will put you a step ahead of the...

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Should I Buy a New House or Old House?

 •  October 7

Have you decided it’s time to start looking for a house?  Shopping for a house for the first time is very exciting!  But consider your options...

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9 Things to Do Your First Day in a New Home

 •  August 16

Homes are selling and people are moving every day. Buyers and sellers are packing up all their worldly goods, labeling the boxes and hiring movers to...

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Summer Housewarming Gift Ideas

 •  August 7

If you have friends or family members who have moved into a new home this summer, you may be thinking about a seasonal housewarming gift to celebrate...

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18 Easy Ways to Save for a Down Payment

 •  July 29

Are you dreaming about buying a house in the near future?  Do you have a down payment?  A down payment is the cash amount you put down to purchase...

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Making Room for Two

 •  July 24

Let’s face it. Moving in with your significant other can be, well, stressful. So whether you’re buying a house together or one person is moving...

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Demystifying the Home Warranty

 •  June 22

You’re buying a house, it’s new and it’s exciting but things can go wrong, things can break and things need to be fixed  – so you need to be...

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Tips for Downsizing

 •  June 17

There are many reasons why homeowners make the decision to downsize to a smaller house – from too many unused rooms to preparing financially for...

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