Buying a Home


The House Hunt: Getting the Most Out Of Home Tours

 •  May 13

Searching for a home can be one daunting task – especially for a first time buyer. Whether it’s an open house or a private showing, you can’t...

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Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

 •  April 15

My husband and I recently closed on our first home. (Wahoo!) Even though the idea of buying a home was exciting it was also a little overwhelming. I...

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The Importance of Pre-Approval

 •  April 8

You find yourself looking at houses online.  You have decided it’s finally the right time for you to buy a home.  What’s your next move...

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The House Hunt: What is a Home Inspection?

 •  March 31

So you’ve finally found your dream home… now what? It’s time to dig a little deeper into the property’s overall condition. Even if you are...

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The Home Search: 4 Tips to Clean Up Your Credit

 •  March 17

After years of planning, searching, and daydreaming, you have finally decided you are ready to take the plunge and purchase a new home.  But before...

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5 Benefits of Mortgage Pre-Approval

 •  February 26

You’ve found the perfect home. Clean modern lines, lots of light, the right number of bedrooms and baths. It even has a home office. You make an...

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First Things To Do in Your New Home

 •  February 23

You’ve just purchased your new home. Now what? Here are a things to do before you move the first box in: Change the locks – When you move into...

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Tax Season Savings for Homeowners

 •  February 5

As a first time home buyer, I’ve been reading all I can about the tax benefits of homeownership. Since I am not a tax expert, I like to be prepared...

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Your FICO® Score Defined

 •  January 15

Before you purchase a home, it’s a good idea to take steps to understand your credit worthiness. Speaking with a mortgage or financial adviser...

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The Home Buying Checklist

 •  January 15

Owning a home is the American dream. Everyone has sensationalized visions of a Realtor tossing him or her keys (in a dramatic fashion) to their very...

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