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Tips to Turn Your Backyard into a Party Paradise

 •  July 20

Outdoor living is as important as indoor space, especially in the summertime. Everything in your backyard — whether it’s a fire pit, dining area...

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Graduation Gifts That Make a Dorm Feel Like Home

 •  May 19

About 3.5 million students are expected to graduate from high school during the next few weeks, says the National Center for Education Statistics. ...

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Making the Most of a Small Space

 •  May 5

Moving into a small home can be a challenge, especially if you’re downsizing from a larger place or have accumulated a lot of furniture and...

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Before You Buy: Mortgage Pre-Approval

 •  April 14

You’ve been thinking about buying a home – maybe it’s your first, or maybe you’re ready to trade up from your current space. You’ve saved a...

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Make the Most of Your Home’s Outdoor Living Spaces

 •  April 6

Winter and spring weather in the Twin Cities area can be quite unpredictable, which can make the long, sunny days of summer a welcome arrival. And...

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6 Home Flooring Trends to Consider

 •  February 16

When choosing flooring, there are a wide range of  available options which combine beautiful design with durability. Here are a few of my...

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How to Create a Perfectly Imperfect Wall Collage

 •  January 20

One of mine and my husband’s favorite sayings is “perfectly imperfect”. We use it for basically everything we make, hang or decorate around the...

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The Two Rooms that Sell Your Home

 •  January 19

If you’ve ever wondered where to focus your efforts in getting your home ready to sell, REALTORS will tell you the kitchen and the master suite are...

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The Best Months to Buy Home Goods

 •  January 8

It’s officially 2017, and with every New Year comes a slew of new things – especially as a homeowner. Maybe you’ve been itching to purchase a...

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2017 Home Design Trends

 •  December 29

“New year, new start,” doesn’t only apply to our new year’s resolutions. Beginning of the year is great time to show a little TLC to our...

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